Welcome to
Love Handmade Cakes

Welcome to
Love Handmade Cakes

Welcome to
Love Handmade Cakes

Welcome to
Love Handmade Cakes

Welcome to
Love Handmade Cakes

Check out our development kitchen fresh from the oven

Our NPD Manager is mad about all things cake. She is constantly scribbling down wonderful new ideas with inspirational ingredients. If she isn’t submerged in recipe books, market research and dreaming up delicious new concepts, she is in our bakery hand-crafting one of her show-stopping bakes.

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You can't buy happiness
but you can buy CAKE

And that's kind of the same thing!

Showstopping Bakes - Coming Soon

    Raspberry Pink GinJam Cake, soft genoise sponge with fresh raspberries and gin-laced raspberry jam.

    Our White Russian Cocktail Cake made with real white rum

    Delicately layered Chocolate and Orange Liqueur Gateaux, ready in time for Christmas.

    Delicious, zesty, fresh lemon, Vegan traybake

    Vegan Bakewell Traycake with delicious dark cherries and toasted almonds

    Rich and fruity fruits of the forest Vegan traycake

About Us

Baking delicious cakes since 2004.

At Love Handmade Cakes we put LOVE into everything we do.

Based in Yorkshire, our team of artisan bakers bake a mouth-watering selection of cakes and traybakes daily. Each one freshly made to order. We handmake everything so no two cakes are the same. Our team is passionate and holds the highest possible standards so we can always ensure we guarantee high-end, lovingly created and utterly delicious creations every time.

We pride ourselves on only using the finest ingredients from trusted suppliers with whom we have been working with for many years.

Love Handmade Cakes strictly prohibits the use of modern slavery and human trafficking in our operations and supply chain. We have and will continue to be commited to implementing systems and controls aimed at ensuring that modern slavery is not taking place anywhere within our organisation or in any of our supply chains. We expect that our suppliers will hold their own supplier to the same high standards.

SALSA – Safe and Local Supplier Approval with commitment and a schedule in place to achieve BRC.


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Palm oil trees are an amazing natural resource. High-yielding and land-efficient, the crop can bring great wealth to some of the world’s poorest regions — when it’s done right. Unfortunately, the rapid expansion of palm oil plantations is threatening environmentally sensitive areas of tropical rainforest and carbon-rich peat lands. In some cases, the rights of communities that depend on those forests and lands for their livelihoods have been threatened. Labour violations have been found on some palm oil plantations.

We do not use palm oil directly in our products, but like many food manufacturers there are small amounts of palm oil in some of the ingredients we use. But we want to do it the right way. We are committed to protecting forests and biodiversity, minimising the carbon footprint of our supply chain, and respecting the rights of affected communities and workers in all of our palm oil sourcing.

We believe in a sustainable future. To do our part, we are committed to developing a fully sustainable and traceable palm oil supply chain.

Our Target:

Love Handmade Cakes Ltd. aims to purchase 100% of all raw materials containing palm oil from suppliers certified by one of the world's sustainable palm oil organisations, like RSPO. We are achieving this target by a thorough review of all raw materials.

The environmental issues with palm oil are not something that we can solve on our own. As a responsible organisation we will engage our suppliers to promote the use of sustainable palm oil production.

It is the policy of Love Handmade Cakes to purchase, prepare and sell foods which meet all food safety requirements, including those of the Food Safety Act 1990 and the Food Labelling (Amendment) Regulations 2011.

Love Handmade Cakes is aware that, in light of current scientific research, there are genuine concerns with regard to the consumption of genetically modified foods.

In response to these concerns Love Handmade Cakes has worked closely with its suppliers and can state that at the present time it does not knowingly produce food which contains genetically modified ingredients. In addition, it is not part of our policy to intentionally introduce such foods in the future.

This policy statement is subject to ongoing review and any change to this policy statement would be mindful of both the law and our customers concerns.

Our Bakery
  • Based in Yorkshire
  • Baking since 2004
  • Many of our highly skilled bakers have been part of our team since we began baking.
  • We handmake every product to order.
  • Our New Product Development Manager works right in the heart of the bakery closely with our team.
  • Our family feel and open culture means everyone cares and contributes.
  • State of the art climate control in our bakery to maintain consistency of product and keep our team comfortable.

What our clients say

Fresh from the oven

In time for summer we're launching our utterly delicious Raspberry and Pink GinJam cake.

This delicious recipe was created using this year’s inspirational ingredients. Raspberries are a traditional summer favourite and pink gin is very on-trend. We have loaded fresh and sweet raspberries into a soft genoise sponge, sandwiched with a layer of tangy raspberry jam laced with pink gin. The cake is hand-filled and finished with a raspberry flavoured cream. A perfect companion for our long summer days.

Our Team


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Get in touch with us

We’re located on Kirkstall Road, Leeds - really near to the Vue Cinema complex.

To get to us simply turn off Kirkstall Road onto Milford Place, continue past Lennox Road (our mailing address) until you come to a large double-gated entrance on your right hand side.

Turn into these gates and head all the way into the corner (passed Graft Häus gym) and you will begin to smell our delicious products. Simply park up at Cake Corner reception and ring the buzzer where one of our team will be happy to welcome you into the home of baking.

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